Internship Program

Welcome to LawGuru, we provide you the best opportunity to boost professional legal knowledge! 


If you are aspiring to become a successful lawyer then the LawGuru can be the first step to start your journey in the legal field. Because we acknowledge that the legal internship is one of the most important factors of legal education. We intend to connect with fresh law students to accelerate the legal industry-standard as well as students' personal growth in the law firm. 

The objective of the internship is to provide you with valuable insights into the professional lawyer's life. 

During the training, the interna will experience practical aspects of law enforcement, interpersonal skills, protocols, and regulations, and the ability to think critically and solve problems, and hence it will help you to achieve success and positive outcomes for future growth.

We are looking for:

This internship is meant for those who are serious about a career in law. Also, you must possess excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing. 

We offer a minimum of one month’s internship depending on the requirements, it may be extended.

How to apply for an internship?

Kindly share your application, 8 to 12 weeks before the preferred date of the internship, and permitting us to get back to you 4 to 6 weeks before the commencement of those dates.

All you have to do is complete the form by uploading your updated resume or you can email us at