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Practice Areas

LawGuru’s main aim is to provide aid to people regarding any legal matters. But apart from this we also provide various other services for the benefit of people in the society.


Legal Consultation Services

LawGuru provides expert verbal and comprehensive written opinion for all the legal queries and matters.


PoSH Training and Compliance Services

LawGuru manages the policy drafting, employee training, setting up an Internal and External Committee.


IPR Services

LawGuru provides a wide array of IPR Services involving transfer and use of IP rights such as trade mark licenses and software development agreements. We also regularly advise on data protection and privacy issues under the Indian law.


Litigation Services

LawGuru offers both local and nationwide legal services all over India including Forensics, Court assistance services and corporate solutions.


Legal Drafting Services

LawGuru helps with the expert drafting and handling of the legal drafts and agreements.


Corporate Legal Services

LawGuru offer legal services at all stages of a business cycle, right from inception of an entity.


Cyber Security Techno Legal Services-

LawGuru has in-depth expertise in delivering e-documentation services and process-specific solutions.


Legal Technology Platforms

LawGuru provides a spectrum of legal services with three technology platforms: LawGuru Practice Management Platform, LegaConnect, LegaNet.


Retainership Services

LawGuru draft the complete Retainership agreement with the client and provide the services of the lawyers.


A Dedicated Team Of Expert Lawyers

Akanksha Parth

Akanksha Parth is serving as Partner at LawGuru. She specialises in Intellectual Property Rights, Information Technology Law and Contracts. Her practise focuses on the full spectrum of corporate laws and compliances. She has experience in working in the India region. Having pursued her post graduation in IPR Laws, she has chosen to explore IPR-Cyber as a practise area. She is a member of the Maharashtra & Goa Bar Council and All India Bar Council. She has done her B.B.A LL.B & LLM from Symbiosis Law School, Pune.

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